Business Ideas and Executions: Expectations VS Reality

 “Daring Ideas Are Like Chessmen Moved Forward: They May Be Beaten, But They May Start A Winning Game.” –  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Business Ideas and Executions:

Business Ideas

When God created the universe and our world, he had an idea. “ What was it? and Why it was ? … all the different religions and faith in the world have their interpretation and analysis on the subject through the sacred book belonging to their faith. And the mystery of the creation still, unfolding every day since the first day of the creation.

Life is a 1000 miles journey for learning, learning and learning only and the bottom line remains that anything you want to do in the life or any direction you want to proceed .. you should have some idea.  A living being without any idea is as good as dead.


 All about  the  IDEA  and the  BUSINESS IDEAS

Business ideas

The idea is a thought or collection of thoughts that generate in the mind and usually generated with some intent, but sometime it may also be created unintentionally. Ideas often form during collective sessions or through debates and discussions.

In generic terms, an idea is an impression or notion that tries to portray the overarching scope and outline. You may naturally come up with some idea ( on any subject) and you may create an idea also.

Business ideas are concepts that can be used for commercial purposes. It typically revolves around a commodity or service that can be sold for money, according to a unique model. One in every 100 persons in the world always aspires to become an entrepreneur and become his boss. It sounds fantastic as one should always dream bigger things in life.

People have a general perception that for every successful business that one must have a unique idea and to some extent it is correct. But ideas are not everything in the business as only daydreaming may not lead to success. It is the execution of your dream ideas into practice through the complex ecosystem of today’s business can make all the difference.



Human Mind – A powerhouse of ideas

The human mind is a powerhouse of ideas. Everyone is different and unique in his/her way. Some people excel by making optimum use of their talent by taking it up as a business venture while some professionals can turn their hobbies into their business. The talent that an individual is gifted with should always be made use of for the satisfaction of the individual only.


Business Ideas and Challenges

Business ideas

We quite often come across people who are quite possessive and secretive with their ideas on business as they think that their idea is too valuable and they even hesitate to share it with other colleagues and even to their supporting staff. They even go to the extent of signing an  NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) before sharing it.  This leads to the gross wastage of an idea which dies even before it’s birth.  Because the poor fellow does not know the basic truth of life that knowledge is only enhanced, when you share it with others and ideas are only appreciated when executed.

Most such people with great business ideas face a lot of challenges when they start implementing the idea.  They are so much in love with their idea, they would never be receptive to the needs of the business ecosystem that includes a market place, consumer and the constant changing environment where the business is done. As a result instead of success their ideas head to the path of business failure.

On the other hand the “ great idea” never see the light of the day owing to the negative mindset of the ” thinker”.  The point I was trying to drive home is that 99% of the time, the ideas never get implemented owing to this very fact. We always overdo in the thinking process things and it never gets materialized.

Remaining 1% of the time, when we execute the idea, things do not go as we expect because in business we require collective thought process of the various professionals who have the expertise and understanding of their specialized subdomain.

Individuals do not matter in today’s business world.  So the foundation of a successful business is more of the art of execution and it is a process-driven exercise that includes collective thought and decision-making process.



Idea  First but Execution Must

Business ideas

Everyone loves writing winning strategies. It’s fun and has got a “ feel-good factor”. But when it comes to execution, lots of people (the ideator)  always shy away from executing it by leading the team instead of throwing the ball to someone else.

The standard words in corporate meeting rooms are “Hey guys, I have a great idea, now go make it happen”. It’s a callous way to enforce your decision and thought process on others and the failure is almost guaranteed for such bosses and organization.

The essence of good leadership is to lead the team on any “execution” driven assignment for the first time and taste the odds on the road. In the process, your  “self-made ” great ideas get corrected naturally and fine-tuned for good execution and that is the reality.


But why executing strategy/action is always so much harder? 

Business ideas

It is not harder rather it is our perception and mental barrier.  Lethargy could be one of the reason and disowning self-responsibility may be the other one. “Doing things – is all it takes” and once you start doing things, the next stage will become clear by itself. That is why you require a business plan for your new startup, make sure it is pragmatic and not longer than 6 months initially.

A pragmatic business plan comes with the element of execution

Business ideas

The pragmatic business plans today are more realistic as you have to taste the depth of the water ( business ecosystem and trends ) in these 6 months and take remedial measures to then move ahead further. Have a long term vision (  to make it impressive for your angel investors, media and others )  but when it comes to execution, have a defined mission for every day and keep it short with defined measurable performance goals.

Next time you have a good business idea stop daydreaming and instead work on the execution part to give life to that idea in reality. Else it will stay on your mind forever and never see the light of the day. That’s how big business stories, in reality, are born.

The mantra to the new generation entrepreneur is to always work on execution on priority once you have a grand business idea. Engage your people, align the business goals and enable the collaboration model when it comes to people.  Executing the grand business idea by leading the team is the mark of a successful and ideal business entrepreneur in the modern business world.
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