Daycare centers in Bangalore

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Daycare centers in Bangalore

Today  life in a metro offers no of challenges , especially in a mega metro like Bangalore … more so if you have migrated from other cities with your little child  and both you and your husband have a demanding profession / or employed in a corporate .  Professionally run day care centers in Bangalore is the necessity for working couples.

Professional day care centers in Bangalore

The challenges hold equally good for single mothers  employed again in a corporate without supporting family members , struggling to bring up the children in all possible adverse circumstances.

Professional day-care centers in a convenient location seems to be the only options to you all.

Extending the best possible care to the loving child is the basic requirement to any parent especially when they are away from home with their professional occupation.

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Daycare centers in Bangalore

And an ideal substitute for them to place the children with someone who takes care of the baby with the love and tender care and help him to learn, live and grow in a home away from the home between 8 am – 8pm

Its always a challenge to find the right parenting partner and in order to find the right one, this blog has been created to provide you with few guiding tool’ s and insights..

Whether you are selecting  an occasional daycare center or a center to watch your children every day, there are some things you should know before enrolling your child in the program.

To help you make this important decision, check out some these tips on choosing the right daycare center.

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Conduct Your own Research

Before visiting a potential daycare center, it is important to do the due diligence. Researching daycare centers in your area and  different programs, they conduct..

Doing proactive research can help you decide which curriculum  you will want your children to be in and which programs the center excels in.

Doing your due diligence can also tell you if the center is well run and if there are any complaints from other parents.

Visiting the Center

When you’re visiting a center on your research mission, please make sure to pay attention to how the staff interact with the children in their charge.

Ideally, a caregiver should be playing with the children and supervising them closely. If you are looking for a facility for your baby, an international standard advises a ratio of one adult for every three babies up to 24 months.

If you do not observe the proper number of supervision, be sure to find another facility for your little one.

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Ask for a Commitment

Children need predictability & stability which  help your children feel secure in their surroundings.

If you are considering a centre, it is important to find out how long the current caregivers have been working there and how much staff turnover the centre usually experiences on average.

Study the Policies of the centre

Before signing your child up for daycare, it is important for you to look at the policies of the centre. A study of the existing  policies will help you see if your parenting style and culture aligns with them.

Find out whether your parenting philosophies  on discipline, media, food and drinks, sleeping, and play time align with that of the center.

The more questions you ask about the center and its policies, the more you can find out if the center will work for your loved one or not.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

If something about the center is bothering you, it is important for you to speak up and to resolve the subject. Addressing problems right away rather than ignoring them can resolve issues quickly.

While some issues can be resolved quickly, others may require more discussion. Take the time to solve the issues  before leaving the center .

By doing your own research, visiting a center, having a commitment, and not being afraid to speak up, your children will be well looked after.

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Thumb Rules for an Ideal daycare

Choosing a good daycare for your child involves asking plenty of questions and being observant.

Start your search about six months before you’ll need childcare (the best centers fill up fast), and use the following list of criteria as a guide. If you find a center that scores a perfect ten, you’ve found  the right Daycare centers in Bangalore

A good reputation

A good daycare center should have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment. Ask the center for names and numbers of current clients/parents and call them for references, or stop by during afternoon pickup time and approach some other parents then in person.

Also, be mindful of your first impression: In this case it counts a lot.

Bottom line: Unless parents you like and respect rave about it, the center’s probably not one you’ll like either.

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Established ground rules

It’s important for a center to be flexible — letting you pick up and drop off your child at different times, for instance — but it should also have clearly established regulations for everything from operating hours to how to handle emergencies.

The center should be able to supply you with a written copy of its policies. That way you know it takes its responsibility — your baby — seriously.

Along the same lines, look for a center with a strict sick-child policy.

. Good centers help cut down on illness by requiring all children and employees to have current immunizations and regular checkups.

If the center neither has an open-door policy nor encourages parents to stop by unannounced, chances are it has something to hide.

Bottom line: If a center is poorly organized or has lax or nonexistent rules, it’s not likely to be right for you.

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A stimulating curriculum

The best daycare centers have structured schedules that include plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for groups and individuals), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time.

TV and videos should play little or no part in what your child does all day; if videos are part of the curriculum, make sure they’re age-appropriate and, ideally, somewhat educational, teaching about animals, other cultures, and so on.

A well-thought-out curriculum stimulates your child’s development and makes daily life more fun.

Look for a center with a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will encourage your child’s development and, as she gets older, stimulate creative, imaginative play.

Bottom line: Your child needs a place that offers a regular curriculum with a range of age-appropriate activities.

 A qualified, caring staff

Daycare center employees should be educated, with at least two years of college, a background in early childhood development (though many states don’t require this), and CPR and other emergency training. (In some states and counties home daycare providers can obtain a license as well, if they’re trained in CPR, pediatric first aid, and early childhood education.)

Note how the staff interacts with the children. Caregivers should be responsible, enthusiastic, and well prepared.

Good caregivers will ask detailed questions about your child’s health and care to help determine whether their center is right for you.

Make sure the center has plenty of staff so your child gets the attention and care she needs.

The ratio of caregivers to children can vary, depending on group size. An international standard set these guidelines:

For babies, the ratio is one caregiver for every three children if a group has six infants, one for every four if a group has eight babies.

For toddlers (12 to 28 months), the ratio is 1:3 for six children and 1:4 for eight or more children.

For children between 21 and 36 months, the ratio should be 1:4 for a group of eight children, 1:5 for a group of ten, and 1:6 for a group of 12.

For children 30 to 48 months, the ratio should be 1:6 for a group of 12 children, 1:7 for a group of 14, 1:8 for a group of 16, and 1:9 for a group of 18.

For 4- and 5-year-olds, the ratio should be 1:8 for a group of 16 children, 1:9 for a group of 18 children, and 1:10 for a group of 20 children.

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Look for a center with good staff benefits

Centers that pay their employees well and offer them vacation time, health insurance, and an education allowance, for example, are more likely to have caregivers who stick around.

Low turnover is key to ensuring consistent, stable care for your child.

Bottom line: If staff training isn’t up to mark, and they seem overworked or don’t stick around very long, the center isn’t for you.

Healthy food

If you have to bring your child’s food, find out the center’s guidelines.

Some may require you to pack only nutritious foods and that’s okay. Centers that don’t restrict candy or other sweets may not have your child’s best interests at heart.

If the center does have a food plan, find out what it serves at meal and snack times (and make sure the staff is aware of your child’s food allergies, if any). Does it encourage healthy eating habits and cover all the food groups?

Bottom line: Healthy food habits start early. If the center doesn’t offer a variety of nutritious food choices for your child, look elsewhere.

Clean, safe facilities

A good center is clean and sanitary. Floors, walks, walls, and the kitchen area should be clean, food preparation areas should be far from toilets and diaper changing stations, trash shouldn’t be left sitting unemptied, and the building should be adequately heated, lit, and ventilated.

Staff should wash their hands regularly, and after every diaper change..

Make sure the center follows the basic rules of safety.

Toys and play equipment should be in good repair, upstairs windows (if any) should have screens or bars, all medicines and other hazardous substances should be out of reach, bedding should be fresh and firm  and the outdoor play area should be level and secure.

Smoke detectors should be in place and working, radiators and heaters should be covered or otherwise protected, a first aid kit and fire extinguisher should be close at hand.

The center should be secure( cctv /security staff), as well, so strangers can’t just walk in off the street.

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Look for a facility with an outdoor play area. Children should have the chance to play outside every day — running, jumping, and skipping are good for them physically, mentally, and socially.

If you live in a city, where even the best centers may not have enough space for a safe outdoor play yard, make sure the center has a spacious indoor area (the next best thing).

Bottom line: Spot a safety hazard? A missed hand wash? Keep looking.

A current license from the authority.

Ask to see a center’s trade license  and make a call to your local municipality office to verify.. Of course, a current license isn’t a guarantee of quality care — that’s why you have to evaluate the caregivers themselves, especially in states that don’t require licenses.

Bottom line: A license isn’t everything, but if a center doesn’t have one, it’s not for your child.

 A regulatory note from Government in Karnataka ( appeared in The Hindu)

Crèches and day care centres have been brought under the government purview by the Department of Women and Child development.

Sources in the Department of Women and Child Development said the guidelines have been framed as per the National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Policy that stipulates that the caretaker-child ratio should 1:10.

Besides making day care centres and crèches accessible for children with disabilities, according to the draft guidelines, children suffering from measles, mumps, and diarrhoea should not be given admission.

Any medication given to children in day care centres and crèches should be recorded.

The institutions should have a record of personal data of all students, and maintain a sign-in and sing-out register in which the person who drops and picks up the child should sign.

The draft guidelines also dwell upon the need to ensure that toys are harmless to children.

“The institutions are advised to ensure that the toys do not have sharp edges, toxic ingredients or loose parts that can be inhaled or swallowed,” according to the draft guidelines.

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Monitoring panel

According to the draft guidelines, a monitoring committee has to be formed in every crèche and day-care centre.

One-third of its members should be parents, and the other members should be representatives of village and gram panchayats, anganwadi worker and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs).

Periodic and surprise inspection by government authorities is also one of the suggestions.

A few leading day care centres in Bangalore presented below  and for a more exhaustive list and details the following link may be consulted.

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