Dog training in Bangalore

December 28, 2017 by utpal

Dog training in Bangalore

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”  – Roger Caras

Dog training in Bangalore

“Dog Training” is an important part of a dog’s life for many reasons. It not only provides mental stimulation but also keeps them happy, spirited and playful and helps the pet to lead a healthy life and also bring an element of happiness in your family. Refer Wikimedia on Dog Training for an elaborate information onDog Training

A professional pet trainer only can play a crucial role to give your pet the right training and hence forth the demand for the “Professional Dog Trainer” is increasing at rapid pace in the country today.

With over four million pets, the Indian pet care market is pegged at over US $ 1.22 billion with an average annual growth rate of over 35%.

With exponential growth rate of pet ownership in major metro cities makes the Indian pet care industry is fastest growing globally.

As a result, new breeds of qualified dog trainers have emerged on the start-up scene, striving to solve problems for which they are deeply passionate about – PETS.

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Pet dogs are always an inseparable part of our lives and family. They are the most loyal friends, one can have and we do not leave any efforts to care and pamper them and to us they are always like humans and an extended family member.

When our own children grow up in the family, we send them to play schools first, followed by high school, colleges, professional training courses, gym, sports centre, language classes…for their all-round development in life.

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Similarly our pets requires to be brought up in the same manner for all round development and growth and “ Training” plays the most important role in that direction.

Dog training can be a tough chore. Ease into the process with these 10 tips from some of the world’s best dog trainers.

Training is key

Dogs are like humans; in the sense that they are always learning. Without rules, your puppy will most likely invent his own.

The Humane Society recommends training to not only teach your dog proper behaviour, but to also enhance and build your relationship. By knowing you are the rule maker and keeper, you and your dog will have a bigger and happier bond.


“Many people complain of a dog’s larger-than-life energy level. Teach your pup to calm down with playtime, as recommended by Andy Replogle from NYC Dream dogs.

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If you are hyperactive and overly intense during playtime, Fido will be as well. Replogle advises to use a calming tone and ease in behaviour when playing so that your pet will imitate you.”

Daily exercise

In his book A Member of the Family, dog whisperer Cesar Millan states, “An exercised dog is a trainable dog.”

Without proper exercise, it is unlikely that pup will want to listen to your commands. Even a simple, daily 15-minute walk can do wonders for your pet.
For more information on Everything about Cesar Millan’s new show , please visit

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Body language

“Dr. Sophia Yin, an animal behavior expert and trainer, mentions that a human’s body language is key when training a pet.”

Since your pet responds better to gestures, use more body language than words for commands. Pay close attention to your dog’s body language in return to amplify training sessions.

Additional elements

“In addition to using your voice and body language to train your dog, use an additional element to help training sessions move along smoothly.

In her book don’t shoot the Dog! Karen Pryor suggests using clicker training.

The clicker and the clicking noise that is made when pressed is meant to show a quick and easy sign of positive reinforcement when your dog does something well in training.”

Avoid physical punishment

“Most dog trainers advise against the use of physical punishment when training your dog.

Pat Miller talks about her personal choice to avoid using physical harm when training in her book The Power of Positive Dog Training.

Miller mentions that pups tend to have a negative reaction to physical punishment and it does nothing but slow down the training process.”

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Positive reinforcement

“Bill Glitzed, a Phoenix based dog trainer advises to use positive reinforcement when training your dog, on his blog Phoenix Dog Training.

When your dog does something fantastic, reward him with a treat or positive behaviour. Doing so will let your pup know that he is doing what you are asking him to do, and well.”

Negative reinforcement

“As you use positive reinforcement to train your dog, Bill Glitzed reminds us to also use negative reinforcement.

Negative reinforcement includes taking something away from your pup when he doesn’t follow a command properly, or using a negative stimulant.

Glatzel mentions in his blog, Phoenix Dog Training, to blow a whistle in your dog’s ear when he’s doing something incorrect and stopping when he adjusts his behaviour.”


“Cesar Millan advises that when it comes to dog training, consistency is key. Continuously teach and train your dog new tricks, as well as remind him of commands that you’ve already taught him.

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If you want your dog to adapt to new behaviors and keep them, continuously reinforce your training with him.”
The last and final piece of advice for dog training also comes from our favorite dog whisperer Cesar Millan. When training your pup, ensure that everyone in the family is on board. Like with children, you want to ensure mom, dad and kiddos know what Pup is to be doing and when.”

Teaching them the commands will help your pup knows his boundaries in the home.

“Bangalore City’s leading Dog Trainers”

Presented below the name and contact coordinates of few professional dog trainers from Bangalore. Please do visit their training schools or speak to them, if you are looking for your puppy to grow in a healthy way.

Dog Training in Bangalore, India


Blackysbnb Dog Training

Kadugodi · 098803 71833 ·


o “My dogs have been staying with Kelly and her pack at Blackysbnb for the last 3-4 years. They love their time there.”

o “Mojo has been staying with Kelly since he was 6 months old. Blackysbnb is like a second home for him! Kelly is outstanding when it comes to taking care.

Dog Trainer Gangadhara Gowda

  • Whitefield · 099864 68885 ·

Dogs Breeder

Dog Training ·

Vasanth Nagar · 087920 00719 ·

Confident Dogs – Canine Behaviour Consulting

Dog Training ·

Ramamurthy Nagar · 096638 22888 ·

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o “Let me start with Pluto. Earlier: He was a 4 month old Labrador puppy who loves to bark, bite, run, chase and go mad, ALL THE TIME. While we adore…See more ”
Shubham Bhatnagar ·

o “It all started with my hyper active pup that made me feel that he is someone who can’t be trained at all. There were times when he made me feel so miser…See more ”
Trishna Bhattacharjee ·

K9 Gurukul

Dog Training ·

098450 20260 ·


o “Uptill now …only one word…”BEST”….I have been with dis training Institute for our XAN since one month and both Venue n Shiva Swami r d best train…See more ”
Ankur Sachan ·

o “Best place for your pets …  Helps you understand the true bonding between you and your pet. Enjoying every moment at K9 Gururkul ”
Sharath Suryanarayana Swamy ·undeskole Academy

Dog Training

Koramangala 1st block · 099024 94477


“How often do we open ourselves to the possibility of understanding dogs from their perspective? To not try to train them…But train ourselves better t…See more ”
Antorleena Bhaumik ·

Dogs come into your life with a purpose. We are not taking care of them but infect the other way around. The best way to thank them is to learn their…See more ”
Geetanand Rajagopal ·

Pet sales

Dog Training ·

rajajinagar · 098809 21308 · Always open

Natasha Chandy – Dog trainer, Canine counsellor

Dog Training in Bangalore

HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar · 096322 21061 · Opens at 13:00


o “Natasha is having Good in-depth knowledge about dogs, great counsellor. Looking forward for training session for my dog!! Keep up the good work� ”
Sunil Mohan Sharma ·

o “We are very lucky to have met Natasha and have been working with her for nearly two years! Not only does Joey love staying at his second home but my h…See more ”
Sara-Jayne Wild ·

Itchy n Scratchy

Dog Training ·

Basavanagudi · 096201 12273 · Open now


o “Awesome Service!!!! SriKavya was very patient n loving with our doggie Archie!!! Who troubled her a lot… She is very caring and loving towards pet…See more ”

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Arjun Ramu ·
o “Brilliant. Kavya was wonderful. I loved her interaction with Rairu Jr. She was very loving <3 He was also being placated & rewarded with treats :)) {e…See more ”

Paw Pals

Dog Training in Bangalore

Haralur Road, · 098231 29066


o “I think Huzannah you’re doing a fantastic job!!! You trained my little Milo years ago and I think you are one of the most compassionate and “humane” t…See more ”

Reshma Datar · “Educate children… Educate yourself. Great going!!! This is a great way to showcase what our dogs our capable off and what they need and deserve from…See more ”

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Prim Pup

Dog Training in Bangalore

096866 73190 · Opens tomorrow


o “Guru was really awesome in handling and giving a summer cut to my hyper baby Ninja!!He works so efficiently that he makes all the hard work looks so e…See more ”

Sohamjita Roy ·

o Chiva is a naughty one.. Handling him is not very easy but the way Prim Pup has been patient with my pup has taught me a lot as a pet parent! Guru kno…See more ”
Deeksha Kotian ·


Dog Training in Bangalore

HBR Layout · 098452 27227


o “Let me start this out by saying I’m just back from my walk with Jimmy and I don’t remember being on such a pleasant one. Ever. After several trainers…See more ”
Sneha K Sukumar ·

 “To start off with, Kudos to Vicky and his team. I and Nidhin were so skeptical on how Maxims would turn out to be especially with his aggression, ri…See more
Binitha George


Dog Training in Bangalore

JP Nagar,Katriguppe,Hosaere halli,Kengeri,Rajarajeshwarinagar,Vijaynagar,Banashankari,Basavangudi,Jayanagar · 070228 30385


“Good trainer!! With lots of experience since many years in participating in many competitions… ”
Srinivas M Sina

Paw Delights

Dog Training ·

S.T Bed Layout, Koramangala 4th block · 099011 00553


Dog Training in Bangalore

Sanjaynagar · 090357 71266


o “Sayli is a dream comes true. She spent quality time with me, patiently explaining how I should parent my dog. She put me at ease with regards to his be…See more ”
Malvika Poddar ·

o “Sayali is a wonderful person which makes it a pleasure interacting with her. Don’t get carried away by her soft demeanour because she was in complete …See more ”
Rashmi Bal ·

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MOTIVATION FOR YOUR PETS: Dog’s Café in Bangalore.

As we study in our management books of Peter Drucker that training and motivation goes hand in hand and the same goes for your puppy. After a weeklong disciplined training schedule there comes the weekend. When you are planning a family outing for a weekend dinner, the little one also expects you to take her/him along.

Yes its possible now in Bangalore. Now you don’t need to leave your pet alone at home anymore while you’re out

. Here are 9 restaurants, in no particular order that serve great food and you get to enjoy it with your best friend! .

The names of the cafes are ( along with activity) given below and all you need to ” Google it”  and you would find the location address.


Known as a live performance café, Counterculture will also let you enjoy some amazing food with your beloved pet. The must-try at the café is the wood fire pizza and their garlic bread. True to its name, Counterculture has a host of live performances and art programmes for you to relish with a great gentry.

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Tucked away in Indira agar (Krishna temple road), Spoonful of Sugar is a little hard to find and the hunting is worth it. They serve blissful desserts that will quench your craving for sugar. A bit on the pricey side but it beats leaving your dog at home. They also serve special items for your pets too.


One of the most popular microbreweries in, Toit has got it all right. It’s a landmark location in Indiranagar . The ambience, the beer, the music, the food and the service. Why should the guys and gals should have all the fun? Your dog miss also should not miss out on the fun.


Take a long drive with your loving pet and replenish your system with some food then nothing is better than Rasta Café on Mysore Road. The drive is brilliant with smooth roads and hardly any traffic and the food is decent enough for a place that’s open pretty much throughout the night. Must-try’s are the Nachos and Double Decker Burger.

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Located in both Koramangala and Indiranagar, Bistro Claytopia needs no introduction especially to the student crowd in both areas. They serve some great burgers and their barbequed chicken burger is simply lip-smacking.


Their outdoor ambience is more than perfect for an outing with your dog over the weekend… It has a laid back feel and you can sit, relax and sip on some coffee while you read a book. It might not be one of the best coffee cafes in town but it’s one of the better French Loafs.


You’re certainly not going to get a seat at this café until you wait for 15 minutes. But taste their food and you will know exactly why there is such a long waiting always. But we assure you, it’s worth every minute. For you and your pet. Best beef burgers in town.


You will need your Google Maps to get in to this family run coffee shop. The café has a rustic feel to it, and you have an option of being seated indoors or outdoors. They have an interesting menu and some great pizza. A great delight for both of you.


Fantastic food in this little café on Lavelle road. The food at Sunny’s speaks for itself. A visit here is guaranteed to be a memorable one both for you and your pet.


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