Love is love – The Story of Why a diamond is so close to every women’s heart?  

Love is love – The Story of Why a diamond is so close to every women’s heart?


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The Diamond Story


“Big girls need big diamonds.”
Quotes by  Elizabeth Taylor


Metro Goldwyn Mayer-no photographer information given, Elizabeth Taylor 1CC BY-SA 3.0

I will never disagree with Elizabeth Taylor and her sentiments   – the famous Hollywood celebrity of yesteryears. We all know that woman always draws her inspiration and emotions from all the little things that are part of her everyday life. As a modern woman, you ever let your imagination loose and are receptive to your fancy. Vision is the essence of your creativity, and its power of visualization comes from what you read in your favourite magazine, in movies, in TV serials, in your favourite paintings or a piece of music, the list is endless.

A Diamond has always been a women’s best friend since ages. As a woman, you adore diamond and love to receive the precious stone or studded jewellery as gifts. Whether it is diamond studs for the ear, a diamond ring for your artistic finger, dazzling bracelet for your wrist or a classy pendant for the neck, your love for diamonds are forever. The blog post intends to identify the various factors and reasons that have made the precious stone diamond so close to every women’s heart. Want to know more on diamond follow Diamond Facts

 Diamonds  Are  Forever

A Diamond is the best symbol of affection to you. With your favourite diamond jewelery, you feel special and cannot ignore the fact that someone who loves you has bought such a precious gift only for you. As a man, when you gift your beloved woman a diamond, the gesture proves that your special feeling for her. Her acceptance of the diamond says that she is willing to make a lifetime promise to stay by your side forever. A woman expresses herself in many ways, and diamond is one of them.


Why Do A Women consider Diamond As Their Best Friend?


Diamond – A signature memento on your wedding day


There are several reasons associated with the myth, which is also the fact of life.  Occasion like a wedding (a lifetime event for all), you are always bold but articulate, with a strong sense of identity and style.  Here you would look at your bridal jewelry that exuberates your style statement and enhance your aura. Your bridal jewellery collection not only should be a bit dramatic but intensely wearable and comfortable. It must extend you that special feeling, looking beautiful and that goes well with your wedding saris, gowns and other accessories on occasion.


Diamonds are your divine companion.


The magic precious stone has the unmatchable shine and sparkle that compels every woman to fall in love with Diamonds naturally. Even after years of usage, the sparkle factor remains unchanged. With periodical cleaning or polishing, they continue to give a new look. The bright sparkles of your diamond necklace stay lifelong.

A symbolic expression of your emotions


The precious stone always represents your feelings and emotions. Diamond is usually gifted to express your love for your beloved forever. Every piece of diamond stud jewelry you procure or receive in your life has a story behind it. It may be for a lifetime occasion like wedding or engagement or gifting to your child after his/her graduation ceremony or to your wife on the marriage anniversary; a diamond symbolizes the purest form of your emotions and expression, cherished by the lucky recipients forever.


Diamond  stud Jewelry – When you are choosing  the best


Like every woman, you make your decision on what you wear in everyday life or social occasion. It may be a matter of comfort or affordability, but your main focus behind your choice is that it reflects your personality and identity.

We all know that a diamond simply reflects an individual’s distinctive, dazzling and radiant personality. Besides, there are also other qualities that a diamond promotes, and they are your inner strength, reliability, confidence, and fiery spirits. It has the catalytic power to make a woman believe that they are confident,  vibrant and stable.


 Your unique style statement


Every woman has her aspiration. You want to be unique and feel special, and your diamond stud jewelry fulfils your mission. Diamonds have the power to extend that special feeling in you that is unique and special, just like your wishes matching your aspiration. You are possessive about every single piece of diamond jewelry you own because they are your style statement.

A representation of love and Romance

Diamonds always capture our imaginations and hearts, but none so much when an artisan carefully crafted a diamond into your engagement rings, wedding bands and bracelets. The tradition of gifting diamonds as a symbol of love, affection and commitment goes back to centuries.

Getting a gift like diamond jewelery is like a dream come true for every woman. It is romantic and remains every women’s dream. A piece of diamond stud jewellery can keep your spirits high and make you happy.


Why You Love Diamond?



It is a common notion that woman love diamond and diamond jewelry,  because of their materialistic nature, but it may not be correct.  You love diamond because of your sensitiveness towards most of the things in life, be it an occasion, gifts or fond memories.

You do love diamond because it reflects your personality, attitude and the idea about the love, you relate always. The precious stone always associated with your fond memories of life. A perfect example could be your cherished memory of the last beach holidays with your beloved in Goa when you became the centre of attraction not only on the beach but the following club night. It was your careful selection of diamond stud jewelry that made you the Cinderella, by adding endless sensuality.


Whether it is the” Holiday” or in the “Office”, Diamond remains your best companion.

You always enjoy your holiday spirits and vibe with your favourite selection of diamond jewelery The blissful days and moments of your Goan holidays last year is still fresh in your memory. You always remember how your gorgeous little diamond pendant and classic Jhumkas helped you to remove the fear, and you became the confident lady during the club night and rocked the dance floor. Yes, a diamond pendant can match perfectly any of your Indo –Western dresses present in your wardrobe, faded jeans, matching tank tops and casual jutties or block heels,  can make you the queen in the dance floor.


Diamond jewelery is also a vital part of your corporate outfit to put together a ‘look’ and create a seamless fashion sense. It also applies, when it comes to the working women professionals in MNC’s, IT sectors, Banks, Hospitality and Airlines. It is always the best way to define your business attire by adding elegant office-ready diamond jewelery to it in a typical corporate or business environment today.

It is a challenging task in finding the right type of diamond jewelery for your day to day office wear. Because as office wear, it has to strike a delicate balance between beauty without being overwhelming. Here is a list of stylish diamond jewelery items that go well with the values and culture of an office environment.


A Simple Diamond Ring for regular office wear


Jim Harper (Pixel23), Diamond engagement ring on woman hand 6313CC BY-SA 2.5

A big solitaire ring or traditional Indian ring would weigh down your little finger causing inconvenience while working on your laptop. The best choice would be a small sparkling diamond ring instead, thus keeping your work effortless and looking good and different at the same time.

Always in Vogue – Your diamond stud earrings

You may choose a pair of small diamond stud earrings that comfortably fits on your ear lobe. You can pick any classic solitaire in and pair them with a tunic top, and it becomes your ideal office wear. You can always play with the designs and zero on square-shaped studs, swirls of diamonds, floral patterns and other abstract patterns. You may try out the “ heart-shaped” ones during the weekends when the workload is less, and the dress code is a bit casual.


Diamond Pendants and Rings

You can also try out the pretty simple looking diamond pendants coming in shapes like alphabet pendants, lock and key design, shining star or heart-shaped lockets.

You can also pick up an elegant diamond ring to beautify your manicured fingers. If you do not want to go overboard, try braided rings with a solitaire setting.

Plan your jewellery and dress code – Apply your judgment for every occasion.

All said and done if you don’t match your jewellery with your dress or attire, you are sure to land up on the wrong side of fashion trends. Your choice of jewellery must blend with your dress code, makeup and the theme of an occasion.


Looking up to the celebrities – A  common trend in jewelry fashion today

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Bollywood Hungama, Shilpa Shetty grace the Asia Spa Awards 2017 (05)CC BY 3.0

Celebrities have much positive influence on us in our day to day life. They serve as our role models, and we look up to them. The global brands do take the opportunity to reach us (global consumers) through innovative communication, branding and endorsement.

We, humans, are social creatures. As stated by the psychologists, as we evolved and we still live in a society where it paid to pay attention to all people like celebrities. Our fascination towards stars may be an outgrowth of this trend, nourished by the media and technology.  In our society, celebrities act nothing less than a drug. Whatever they say, endorse or wear, we follow them and their advice eyes closed and the influence on diamond jewelery lovers is no exception.

From Oscar’s red carpet to the tabloids in supermarkets, check out the magazine covers and headlines, we have a celebrity obsession. Even a casual moviegoer might find him or herself flipping through a slideshow of Academy Award fashion after the big event.

The Academy Awards are watched every year globally not just for the winning moments, but also for the fabulous designs that grace the red carpet. Gowns, jewelry, accessories, clutches and shoes are all taken note of and rated to see who scored highest on the world fashion meter.

I do remember the Oscars 2016 event, which offered some exciting jewelry trends as the Hollywood stars put their best fashion foot forward during the grand show. It was a cheering time for all Indian women audience when they found their favourite Bollywood star  Priyanka Chopra made her debut as a presenter.

image courtesy : Youtube

She was wearing a sheer white gown designed by the famous Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, and her selection of diamond jewellery was much appreciated by the media, other fashion celebrities and critics. Priced at nearly $ 8 million, Priyanka adorned a front-back diamond earring set and multiple rings. The Lorraine Schwartz jewels included the 50-carat diamond earrings, a 22-carat diamond ring, a 10-carat diamond pinky ring and an 8-carat diamond bypass ring. For the next month, she was present in all the TV shows and glossy magazine cover. Her fan following in social media saw a steady rise, and it was an accomplishment which was a pride moment for all Indian women.

In the end, we can say a  diamond is a symbol of your personality, standing and status. It also represents love, care, and the women in you feel proud about wearing that unique diamond ring on your wedding day. The comfort, feel and its versatile usage ( in social occasion, wedding day, a part of corporate wear, cocktail functions or beach holidays) are the reasons why you are so passionate about your diamond and diamond stud jewelery. It can give you the feel of that special woman on every occasion. That is the reason why you adore them so much. Shopping for diamond jewelery is every women’s dream because a diamond is so close to their heart and her love forever.




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