Top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do

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Top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do

GOA – A Brief Introduction.

Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.  the state’s capital is Panaji, and  largest city is Vasco da gama. Margao the historic city still exhibits the cultural influence of the  people of Portugal, who first landed in the early 16th century as merchants and conquered it soon thereafter. Goa is a former Portuguese province; the Portuguese overseas territory existed for about 450 years until  India annexed it in 1961.

Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

The origin of the city name Goa is unclear. In ancient literature, The Indian epic Mahabharata refers to the area now known as Goa, as Goparashtra or Govarashtra which means a nation of cowherds.

After failure of diplomacy with the Portuguese, Nehru ordered the Indian Armed Forces to take Goa by force. In a military operation conducted on 18 and 19 December 1961, Indian troops captured Goa with little resistance.

The governor-general of Portuguese India signed an instrument of surrender.

Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hot spots.

Top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do

Goa is,in the tropical zone and near the Arabian Sea, has a hot and humid climate for most of the year. The month of May is usually the hottest, seeing daytime temperatures of over 35 °C (95 °F) coupled with high humidity.


The state’s three seasons are: Southwest monsoon period (June – September), post monsoon period (October – January) and fair weather period (February – May). Over 90% of the average annual rainfall (120 inches) is received during the monsoon.

Tourism is generally focused on the coastal areas of Goa, with decreased tourist activity inland. In 2010, there were more than 2 million tourists reported to have visited Goa, about 1.2 million of who were from abroad.Top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

As of 2013 Goa was a destination of choice for Indian and foreign tourists, particularly Britons and Russians, with limited means who wanted to party. The state was hopeful that changes could be made which would attract a more upmarket tourists.

Goa stands 6th in the Top 10 Nightlife cities in the world. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Goa is water sports. Beaches like Baga and Calangute offer jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides, and more. Top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Over 450 years of Portuguese rule and the influence of the Portuguese culture presents to visitors to Goa a cultural environment that is not found elsewhere in India.

Goa is often described as a fusion between Eastern and Western culture with Portuguese culture having a dominant position in the state be it in its architectural, cultural or social settings.

The state of Goa is famous for its excellent beaches, churches, and temples. The Bom Jesus Cathedral, Fort Aguada and a new wax museum on Indian history, culture and heritage in Old Goa are other tourism destinations and events.

Goa has two main tourist seasons: winter and summer. In winter, tourists from abroad (mainly Europe) come, and summer (which, in Goa, is the rainy season) sees tourists from across India.



Baga Beach (North Goa)

Baga Beach is the most famous of all Goan beaches and as a tourist visiting Goa .You really haven’t been to Goa if you haven’t been to Baga. , Baga Beach and its surrounding areas will not give you time to get bored.

How to reach from Panaji: 

The beach is located about 16km from Panaji. You can hire a cab to reach here or rent a scooter which can serve you for the length of your trip.

There is always something exciting going on here. In the morning, the beach is a great place to soak in the sun and interact with tourists from all over the world.

Baga Beach is best-known for its jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride and boating water-sports. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.


Calangute Beach ( North Goa)

Known as the “Queen of Beaches”. It is among the top ten beaches in the world and the largest in Goa.

It is a big, serene beach with activities enough to fill your mind for the entirety of your trip. The beach alone is a great attraction for tourists. Taking sun bath throughout the day or trying some water sports … the beach offer all the options to the beach lovers.


How to reach from Panaji:

Taking a taxi or cab is the easiest option to reach here

 Grand Island, (South Goa)

If you love water, the GOA is “THE” place…

Grand Island is the nirvana of Goan water-sports. There is a lot to be experienced here from diving to snorkeling to fishing. Scuba diving is the most popular activity in Goa because it offers so much in terms of underwater exploration.

There are ship wrecks to be found here as well as some reefs. The “Suzy” wreck and the “Davy Jones Locker” are especially popular with divers as are Serge City, Bounty Rock, and Turbo Tunnel.

Experienced and beginner divers both find something to satisfy in Grand Island. You can also go snorkeling.

Professional instructors will provide the equipment and the instructions. Bumper boats and banana boats are also popular around the island. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Palolem Beach ( Canaconna-South Goa)

The island is only connected via water ways so you will have to arrange a ferry ride. This can be arranged at the major jetties in South Goa.

Palolem is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, or at least used to be till it got overrun by commercialization in the form of huts and street retailers. Nonetheless, its peaceful waters bordered by headlands are still very attractive.

It is a popular tourist attraction of South Goa. The location makes its sea calmer than others and you can walk almost 100m into the sea with ease.

How to reach from Panaji:

You can either hop on a bus or take a taxi

Anjuna Beach( Goa -403509)

Anjuna, a small village on the North coast of Goa, very popular amongst the tourist. The Anjuna Beach is arguably amongst the best beaches in India.

The beach has the perfect picturesque background with mountains.

The beach is blessed with beautiful red laterite rock.  Hundreds of tourist visits the beach every day and to relaxing on the beach.

How to reach from Panaji:

Anjuna Beach is 29 km away from Panaji and one can take buses or cab to reach there. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Candolim beach ( Candolim)

Running from Calangute Beach on one side to Fort Aguada on the other is the Candolim Beach.

The day activities offered on this beach are its best attraction. You can perform a whole host of activities on the beach including water sports, all at very reasonable prices

You can choose to spend some time at Candolim Beach and then head over to Calangute next door or just spend all your day on this beach and discover nearby places.

How to reach from Panaji:

The beach is located approximately 14km from Panaji, so depending upon your pocket, a cab or scooter would serve you well

Arambol beach (North Goa)

Arambol Beach is located in North Goa and first became popular when people discovered it in order to escape from Baga and Calangute beach crowd.

Today it is famous in its own way and draws several tourists; This is a good beach to visit if you are searching for a place that combines adventure sports in Goa with relaxation.

The strong winds around the beach make it an ideal spot for paragliding and kite surfing

How to reach from Panaji:

The beach is roughly 40km from Panaji. Take a bus or a cab at your convenience

Mobor beach

The Mobor Beach is actually the southernmost tip of the Cavelossim Beach.

It stands at the delta of River Sal, hence making for a wonderful spot where the river meeting the Arabian Sea.

The beach looks pretty with coconut palms lining its border and sand dunes overlaying the landscape. Natural bays dot the beach and give tourists lovely places to sunbathe in safety and privacy. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Covla beach ( Salcete –south Goa)

It is a tourist’s must-visit place.

The beach has a really lovely stretch of white sand which extends for nearly 25km.  The sand and the beautiful glimmering sea are Colva Beach’s famous attractions.

Soft winds that blow salt sprays into your face are an added bonus. The ambience of the beach is perfect, being just the right balance between commercial and private. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Vagater beach ( Bardez – North Goa)

In the neighborhood of the hippy, Anjuna Beach lies its quieter cousin, the Vagator Beach. This beach, which has been on the watch list of predominantly Western holiday lovers for several years, is now beginning to grow in popularity with domestic tourists as well.

It is a large beach surrounded by stunning red cliffs which make for a lovely sunset viewing point.

Popularly divided into two parts, Vagator consists of Little Vagator Beach and Big Vagator, palm-lined beaches with soft sand you can sink your feet in. It is a lovely and clean beach.




Dudhsagar Water Falls. (Location – Sanguem Taluke)

The Waterfalls are situated on the Goa-Karnataka border and are one of India’s must-see sights. The four-tiered waterfall structure is one of the tallest in India and is located on the Mandovi River.

The white water cascades down from a height of nearly 1017 feet off a nearly steep mountain face forming a part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park,

The best way to reach them is by entering the national park and taking a van allocated by the park to the falls.

How to reach from Panaji:

Take a train up to Kulem railway station.and proceeds from there. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Todo Falls

There are many tourist attractions in Goa and one of those attractions is the Todo Falls. The Todo Falls is arguably the prettiest waterfall .

The most exciting thing about the Todo Falls is the journey to the falls. One has to trek and reach the falls. Trekking is a very thrilling and tiring activity but when one finishes the trek, they get to see the Todo Falls.

How to reach there from Panaji

One can reach the Todo Falls from Panaji by trekking. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

River Chapora

This beautiful river runs along the Northern part of Goa and eventually joins the Arabian Sea. Goa is full of beaches and is surrounded by water on almost all sides but the northern part is a bit more famous for this particular river. The Chapora River has the perfect water current and rapids that are required for White River rafting and other water sports like Kayaking. Tourists can even go for cruise rides and enjoy the sea breeze with some appetizers.


Tito’s Street

India’s favorite party time – It’s in Goa.

Therefore, you simply have to visit one of the many clubs scattered around Goa on your visit there. Tito’s Street is one of the best clubs you can visit.

Tito’s Street, named after the street it is located on, is a club that attracts a lot of crowd especially because of its prime location and its top-notch service. Baga beach, where the club is located, is a party hub so it is no wonder that loads of tourists find their way to Tito’s Street after sundown. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

The DJ  here is reckoned to be great and you’re sure to get in some soul-pumping dancing on your visit.

Timings: 6 pm to 3 am

Location: Tito’s Street, Baga Beach, North Goa

Club Cubana

Club Cubana calls itself the “Nightclub in the Sky”. It is an appropriate name for a club located in a remote location on top of the Arpora hill in North Goa. But though remote, Club Cubana is a great attraction for partygoers.

It has revolving flash lights which throw their colorful lights all over the neighborhood all night long, thereby attracting customers. There is a spacious dance floor where you can groove to the beats and there is also a swimming pool with a lounge which adds to the feeling of luxury  that characterizes Club Cubana.

Timings: 9.30pm to 4 am

Location: Arpora, North Goa

Curlies (Location – Anjuna beach strip)

Curlies is one of the necessary places to visit in Goa. This club also provides a variety of accommodation options so you can, in fact, choose to stay here for a day or two. It will be well worth the stay over.

Curlies is an all-in-one beach “shack”. Not only is it known for its good quality of service and its equally good food, it is also very famous for its sea view.  Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

Curlies is located almost at the edge of Anjuna beach which means that, the sea waves knock right at its doorstep

Mambos (Location: Baga beach, Tito’s lane)

Goa is the ideal place to visit for a group of people who want to party and enjoy themselves on their vacation. There are many places in Goa where one can actually have a gala time.

But if one wants to have an outstanding night, then Mambos is the place they should go to. Mambos is considered to be among the best nightclubs of Goa.  Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

The place is always is always filled with foreigners and Indians and the food available here is simply awesome. Not many places in Goa serve such lip-smacking dishes at one place. One is sure to have an amazing time if they are in Mambos.

How to reach there from Panaji

Mambos is 18 km away from Panaji and one can take a cab to reach there.



Fort Aguada Location Candolim –north Goa)

Heritage from the Portuguese era, Fort Aguada has been standing stern on the beach facing the Arabian Sea from 1612 when it was built in order to provide defense against the invading Dutch and the Marathas.


It was a grand old fort in its time with the capacity to hold 79 cannons among other weapons of defense. It was one of the prized possessions of the Portuguese.

Today, it stands as a famous landmark dividing the Sinquerium Beach and the Candolim Beach.

There is an old lighthouse standing within the fort which was built in 1864, the oldest lighthouse of its shape and size in India.

Fort Aguada is a great place to explore when you are out visiting the Candolim or Sinquerium Beaches.

The architecture gives a good insight into the building techniques of old Portuguese architects and it has some amazing views you should really see. The old fort provides a good view of the sea and the sunset is reckoned to be love.

How to reach from Panaji:

Buses and taxis are your best options.

The Born Jesus Basilica (location – old Goa)

One of the most important of all tourist places in Goa as well as a central landmark for Catholics, the Born Jesus Basilica is the place in which the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept.

The Church was built in 1605 and the body of the Saint was brought to it in 1622 where it has laid since in its glass mausoleum. The body is perhaps the greatest attraction of the Basilica. A gallery of Modern Art is also a part of the Basilica.  Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

How to reach from Panaji: 

Take a cab or hire a scooter from Panaji

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

This is one of the most frequented sight-seeing places in Goa. The lovely church which stands tall in the capital city of Goa has had a long tryst with the past. It was first built as a chapel in 1541. Over this chapel, the larger building of the church was then constructed in 1619.

It has since undergone renovation few times , but the original building has remained. It draws devotees from all over the globe and has been a spiritual and geographical landmark for centuries.

Chapora Fort

Once a huge, commanding structure which was the site of many battles, and which was passed from the hands of the Portuguese to the Indians and back several times in its long history, the Chapora Fort is a good tourist spot in Goa.

The present building was constructed in 1717. The Fort rises on the banks of River Chapora and commands a great view of its surroundings. This feature of the fort is what led to the many battles for its possession in the past.


How to reach from Panaji:

The fort is not far from Panaji. Cabs will drop you directly at the fort. Buses also connect to the route.



This is a little out of the way thing you can indulge in when in Goa. A Casino Cruise is essential, at the basic level, a restaurant, but with the additional casino features for those who want to try a hand at Vegas style entertainment. The ship is docked on one of the many rivers in Goa and is fitted with posh furnishings

The view outside and the rooms inside both make for a great set-up. The casinos are open all round the clock but they really come to life in the night from 9 pm to 3 pm. Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

They are like clubs but instead of the DJ and the party music, you have casino games and low music. They are well-fitted spaces with fine dining options in place including a good selection of drink

Timings: 24 hours

Location: Varies by the Cruise and the routes you go by.

How to reach from Panaji:


Cabs are a good source of transportation in Goa

Flea Market at Anjuna (Location: Anjuna, North Goa)

Many tourists associate the name of Anjuna with its wild nightlife and trance scene. But that is just one aspect of Anjuna. The weekly Wednesday Flea Market is another. Flea markets are a quintessential Goan experience and the Anjuna

Flea market is one of the best in Goa. It is an interesting off set to the beach scene and is only in operation from mid-November to April. The market first came into existence alongside the party scene at Anjuna beach in the eighties.  Continue reading for top tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do.

How to reach from Panaji

Taking a cab will be the most convenient option besides buses and scooters for hire. Refer Wikipedia on ” Goa” for more information on.Goa

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